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Deer Near

No, the deer isn’t IN the truck but he is very near to being in the truck.


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Greenstone Country – Deer in driveway

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Some quiet time on the deck watching the birds feed.

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Deer in Yard

It is not uncommon to had wildlife on the property. Deer sightings are a regular, daily, occurance. On this day I got a picture of a deer that was less than 10 feet away.


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Sunrise at Greenstone Country


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Deer and Baby Roam the Community

The wildlife here in Greenstone Country is amazing. The animals seems to fit in with the day to day activities. I spotted two deer on my way to my truck and snapped a quick picture. They were about 30 feet away, unfrightened, they continued to graze.

deer and baby

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Student Housing Rules

My son is away at college. I noticed this rule painted on the sidewalk. Had to take a picture to share.



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Life of a Killer!

Early Cat gets the mouse

Early Cat gets the mouse

Some mornings are just a little harder to get started. The cold weather (by California standards) makes it hard for the cat to get going in the morning. The fireplace seems real cosy, maybe I’ll hang out there for a while until the sun breaks through the clouds. The cat doesn’t seem to have a lot of worries today. He has kept up on his chores – exterminate anything that moves.  He cleans up after himself. He is quiet and self-entertaining. Who would have guessed that he was a killer!

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Mouse Exterminator

Mr. Kitty is well know for his extermination of various animals around the house. He regularly leaves his catch at our doorsteps. Sometimes its birds, other times it will be a lizard, or even a bat. His favorite catch is mice. Here is a video of my cat working with a mouse at night. The video was shot using night vision.

If you don’t mind seeing dead catches and graphic videos of Mr Kitty’s extermination habits, come see him at

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Exterminate the mice

Got some interesting video of my cat catching a mouse. Eliminating pests is what he does best. He produces results with best pest control, rodent traps, animal repellant in Placerville, Cameron Park, Diamond Springs, Rescue, any where. Video will follow soon.

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